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Ceramic Coating Services Sanford

Looking to give your paintjob some robust protection? Get in touch with Guardian Wraps and ask about our ceramic coatings today!

The Best Car Care in Sanford

What are ceramic coatings, we hear you ask? Quite simply, these are liquid polymers that are applied by hand to your vehicle’s paintwork, creating a powerful hydrophobic layer that makes it harder for dirt, grime and stains to cling to the surface. As you can imagine, applying ceramic coatings also make cleaning your car a breeze.

Here at Guardian Wraps, we use some of the most highly-rated products available, guaranteed to last for at least a year with minimal maintenance. Call today for an appointment. You can also count on us for car wraps and window tints. We  are the only authorized XPEL dealer and installer in the area.

Optimal body protection

Ceramic Coating Services Sanford
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The Many Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

As we’ve already mentioned, ceramic coatings are water-repelling, which means that any liquid spills will just sheet off, preventing water spots from ruining your paintjob. Furthermore, these coatings are very resistant to chemicals, and offer more protection than traditional waxes and sealants from the damage caused by bird droppings and substances.

If you want a car you can be proud to show off as you cruise around Sanford, Lake Mary or Orlando, then get in touch with Guardian Wraps today! We offer hassle-free appointments for paint protection and detailing as well.

Be proud of your ride

Ceramic Coating Services Lake Mary