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Orlando's Signature Vinyl Wrapping Company

Who We Are

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My name is Tahir Baksh, but everyone calls me T. I have been a car enthusiast since my gaming days as a child (Gran Turismo all day!). As I grew older, that interest grew past gaming and I eventually found my addiction to modifying vehicles. It was a way to express myself, a visual extension of who I am and I wanted to be able to share that experience with others. Following my passion for vehicle customization led to two major events in my life…

The first event was something I had been patiently saving up for. I had purchased my dream car, a Nissan Skyline! If you’re not too familiar of the car world, it is one of the most iconic vehicles in the race industry, and they just recently became legal in the states. I finally had the perfect canvas, and this led to the second event.

I found out about Vinyl Wrapping.

I always knew of it, but never paid it mind until it came time to do a full color swap on the Skyline and I couldn’t stand the options that were available. There was paint which is expensive but fragile, and then there was PlastiDip which was durable but cheap looking. It always kept coming back to Vinyl Wrapping with all the color options, affordability and durability. I plunged and ordered the materials and practiced on my newly purchased Skyline. I can’t tell you how scary that was, but turned out to be the best decision I made. I loved every second of the hours I put in on getting this vinyl wrap perfect. I wrapped another vehicle right after that for a friend of mine and that’s all it took for me to realize, this is my passion. His reaction was priceless and that moment made it clear that I absolutely love helping others express themselves through this medium.

When it becomes more than about yourself, you are driven for self improvement. I started Guardian Wraps to further expand my skill set and make this passion even more concrete, but it ultimately was made for you. You’re providing the canvas and vision, and I get to make that a reality for you.



We were founded in 2015 and became the fastest growing Vinyl Wrapping company in the area. We grew so fast that we had to move our location from Port St. Lucie to Orlando to better centralize ourselves with our clients.

Within the car culture, Guardian Wraps is well known for its classic 1989 Nissan Skyline, owned by the CEO of Guardian Wraps. This led to our biggest client, Rivsu Imports, the nation's largest importer of Classic Japanese vehicles! As their exclusive signature wrapper, we were able to work on all different types of vehicles, of all shapes and sizes, allowing us to take on even the toughest of vehicles to wrap. This proved that no matter the challenge, the quality of our wraps was never anything but beyond satisfaction. As word of our company became commonplace in the industry, we have taken our reputation and exceeded those expectations every time.

This isn't just a service for us, this is an artwork. We love seeing the excitement of our clients when they see that this isn't just changing the color of a car...we help their visions become a reality.