My name is Mike and I’m the founder of Guardian Wraps/Quality Paracord Gear™. I am originally from Biloxi, MS but am living with my wife and 2 kids in Chattanooga, TN.  I made my first survival bracelet while on my 3rd deployment to Qayyarah, Iraq with 1017246_10200503710650104_699686243_nE FSC 215 BSB  1st Cavalry Division in 2008. We had tons of the stuff laying everywhere so I started making rifle slings, survival bracelets, handles for gun hatches and so on. I continued to make mostly bracelets while in Baghdad, Iraq but this time as a civilian contractor. Alot of the guys started wanting to buy them and what has happened since is history.  I truly love making paracord gear, I love to keep busy and this is an excellent way to keep me busy. Plus, I love learning to make new things and see the reaction on my satisfied customers face! And Yes, I am wearing a Guardian Wrap in the picture!



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